We offer complete services when it comes to car rentals

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1 November 2021
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We offer complete services when it comes to car rentals

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We know that everyone is looking for options that better fit what they need and that offer complete services, no matter what area of ​​work we are talking about. We provide customers with a wide fleet of cars that they can rent anytime, at any time. However, we are aware that every detail matters, so we are constantly looking to offer you affordable prices, increased comfort and less worries.

Complete services offered by us

In this sense, the complete services we offer consist of:

1. Insurance included: we offer insurance for every car we rent and not any kind of car, but full CASCO. For those who do not know, this is an optional type of insurance, which no one is obliged to do, but which covers any kind of damage, regardless of whether it is produced in Romania or abroad. All the details regarding this type of insurance can be found exactly from the respective company with which the contract was signed, but the generally valid repairs are those produced by damages, acts of vandalism, natural phenomena and theft.

2. Advantageous conditions: when you take the car from us, you take it with a full tank, so that you can start the road immediately, without any other hassles. When you arrive at the airport in Otopeni you can take the car directly and go where you have to work, and when you go back you hand it over in the same place. It is much easier to come by plane, because you save precious time on the road and you will not be as tired.

3. Pet friendly cars: we know that for some people pets are part of the family and often you may have encountered this problem, as they were not accepted in rented cars. Here we accept them and any car is pet friendly, so you can take the quadruped with you, wherever you go. A vacation is not complete if not all family members, but now you do not have to worry about this problem.

All these services come bundled with our rented cars, GOTO Globalcar. Choose from our vast fleet of cars the one that folds to what you need and get rid of a worry when you go on vacation or in the interest of work in Bucharest. We are waiting for you on our website for more details and to discover all the cars we have.

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