Rent a car – winter season. Top tricks that no one tells you

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10 November 2021
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2 June 2022

Rent a car – winter season. Top tricks that no one tells you

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Winter is not like saying a word from the people in the summer and we totally agree with it. In winter, being a driver, everything seems more difficult, from the fact that you waste time heating the car and the time you spend cleaning it with snow and getting out of the parking lot. You drive harder, and if you are a beginner you may even be afraid to venture on long journeys.

But it also has its beauty in winter. Until you decide which season suits you best, discover some tricks that will be useful when renting a car in winter.

Be careful when you pick up the car

Whether you made an online reservation or went directly to the agency’s headquarters and signed the documents, there is a receipt. That is, find out the condition of the car. Of course, it must already be equipped with winter or all season tires.

The risk is assumed if you go on the road without the right shoes. Don’t risk it! The fines are stinging.

Chains are optional

If you rent a car to go on a mountain route, obviously you will make an appropriate choice. You may prefer an SUV. But accessories such as chains take care of yourself, if necessary.

Chains are needed where the snow cover is very thick. And yet, it would be good to ask if there is a clause in this regard in the contract.

Tip: chains can affect the quality of your tires and you may wake up paying when you rent a car.

Check the equipment of the car

In winter you always feel the need for thermal comfort, so you may want to rent a car that has heating in the seats. Nothing seems harder to bear in the morning when you get into the icy car and you have to wait a while until the air in the passenger compartment heats up.

So choose a car with heated seats, and if you are traveling with family, children or maybe even with a pet, choose the one with heated rear seats.

Also choose an all-wheel drive car. The car is heavier and this reduces the risk of losing control. Of course, preferably 4×4.

Full tank

Don’t go without a full tank, but not just a fuel tank. Also check the engine antifreeze and the functionality of the air conditioning system. If you want good roads, safety and full comfort when you are behind the wheel of a rented car, you need to pay attention to such details.

And we take care of the rest! We expect you to make irresistible offers, both in terms of car type and prices.

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