Drive safe – seat belt is mandatory!

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Drive safe – seat belt is mandatory!

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No one leaves home in the morning thinking that he will not return. Nobody rents with the thought that he would make his last journey. And yet in reality such scenarios happen. We must say that an extremely important factor is that of negligence behind the wheel.

Drive safely and with maximum caution even when it comes to rented car. Today we stop at the seat belt and its importance.

Seatbelt on!

The seat belt saves lives! We shouldn’t even mention this, it’s a basic action when you get behind the wheel, before you set off. It is a myth that it is uncomfortable for you. Maybe if you are in an advanced stage of pregnancy, in which case it is not very advisable to drive anyway. Adjust your belt properly and you will eliminate a major risk of injury from an accident, some of which may even be incompatible with life.

Are the rear passengers wearing seat belts? Of course yes, every time! A driver is responsible for his life, but also for those he carries.

And if we were to continue with the series of myths about the seat belt, we must also mention the fact that some consider it optional when it comes to short intra-urban roads. But it’s about convenience and nothing more, because no matter how fast you drive, the risks are always major. Did you know that even at a speed of 50km / h, a 70 kg person has all the chances to be projected through the windshield with a force of 2.6 tons? A frontal impact has these effects.

The belt can make a difference!

According to statistics, about 30% of accidents happen a short distance from home, on average 15 km. It seems an irony, because you know that word, if the man knew what he would suffer, he would not leave the house either.

Do not trust your skills as professional drivers, because even the best are still prone to mistakes, some even minor cataloged, but with multiple effects.

Holding a child’s arms does not equate to a seat belt, just as it is false to believe that a seat belt makes the process of removing the contorted car difficult after an accident. Instead, it is the one that can save lives, that will keep you in the car and not project out of it, that prevents serious injury. Imagine that you are a small object in case of an impact, you jump out of your chair and you are hit by everything around you.

Whether it’s your car or a rented car, show respect for your life! Always wear a seat belt!

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