2 December 2021
inchirieri masini

Rent a car – winter season. Top tricks that no one tells you

Winter is not like saying a word from the people in the summer and we totally agree with it. In winter, being a driver, everything seems […]
10 November 2021
rent a car

We offer complete services when it comes to car rentals

We know that everyone is looking for options that better fit what they need and that offer complete services, no matter what area of ​​work we […]
1 November 2021
inchirieri auto

Drive safe – seat belt is mandatory!

No one leaves home in the morning thinking that he will not return. Nobody rents with the thought that he would make his last journey. And […]
5 October 2021

Why choose a Suzuki SUV when renting a car

Renting a car is quite easy nowadays. For those who need this service, I find at our agency advantageous conditions and tailor-made prices in terms of […]